Monday, 14 September 2009


I also did this originally which I didn't think worked at first but looking back at it I quite like!


The sole purpose of starting this blog was to enjoy drawing for the sake of drawing & to try not to question what I am doing – something I do quite a lot with my work & stops me doing all sorts of things – anyway on Sunday afternoon while sifting through the internet for some reference for an Illustration I was working on I came across a picture of Quentin Tarantino & felt a sudden compulsion to draw – Here are the results:

Monday, 7 September 2009

Hell(Boy) of a first post!

Just for fun & the fact that I have been itching to do a drawing of Hellboy for some time - who wouldn't! - yesterday I went about creating one & here's the results. The first part of the drawing was done with a roller & an inkpad. Then I used a No.19 flathead brush & some black ink to fill in the details etc. I hadn't intended to do anymore with it but just couldn't resist playing around with it in Photoshop!